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What are the key advantages of FlashRES-UNIVERSAL?

Release time:2020-04-13

  • A 61-channel system, which can collect 61 voltages simultaneously for each AB current injection.
  • Collects data with ANY data acquisition configurations. For this reason, we call it FlashRES-UNIVERSAL.
  • Collects the data with any/all conventional arrays IN A SINGLE RUN. This means you do not have to collect data array by array.
  • A few FlashRES-UNIVERSALs can be used separately, OR CAN BE ED TOGETHER FOR LONG SURVEYS. This is completely different in comparison to the main-switchbox system. 
  • 2.5D resistivity inversion software.
  • Displays full wave-form data on screen during survey.
  • Lightweight design with a total weight of 29kg, including instrument (5kg), 2 3m-spacing 32-core cables (11.5kg) and 65 electrodes (12.5kg)

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