ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd.


Special Offer

Special Offer for clients from Universities and Research Institutions

ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty Ltd is an Australian based Geophysics Instrument manufacturer. ZZ has been developing resistivity meter based on new theoretical basis since 2003. During years of R&D, our Uni clients had been very supportive for us with providing user experience feedback and suggestions on development of the Resistivity meter.

In order to allow more teachers and students to experience this new technology, ZZ now lunches a special offer for a standard FlashRES-UNIVERSAL64 system with two 32-core 3m spacing cables to those clients who are from Universities and research institutions for teaching and research use. This system includes all advanced technical features of Full-Channel system, including advanced data acquisition method and inversion technology. It is time to teach your students new-world Resistivity methods!

System package: FlashRES-UNIVERSAL64 Full-Channel (61) RES/IP data acquisition system. http://zzgeo.com/zz-resistivity-product-index.html

The system includes:

  1. FlashRES-UNIVERSAL64 unit with data acquisition software
  2. Two 32-core 3m spacing cables
  3. 70 Titanium electrodes
  4. ZZ 2.5D INV inversion software.

Original Price: US$ 37,580.00

Special discount rate: 30% off

Sale Price Now: US$26,300

  • Please note that this price doesn't include shipping cost and on-site training cost. Please feel free to contact ZZ Resistivity Imaging via sales@zzgeo.com.