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Comprehensive array-oriented resistivity meter

Extremely flexible electrode layout configuration (3D and borehole resistivity application).

93-channel resistivity meter

The User can spend less time in the field due to the superior data collection speed of FlashRES resistivity meter.

Ability to collect 80,000 data points with 96 electrodes in less than 15 mins

The data collected with conventional arrays normally are under-determined for the resistivity inversion algorithm. FlashRES resistivity meter can collect much more data than conventional systems, thus produces a better quality inversion imaging through superior resistivity image resolution.

Ability to collect data with any conventional or user-designed data acquisition arrays

Operator can apply any conventional or user designed resistivity data collection arrays to acquire data.

Ability to combine all specified acquisition arrays together and collect data in a single run

There is no need to collect data separately per acquisition array. With FlashRES resistivity meter, the user can collect all data with all specified arrays in a single run. This makes data collection more effective and efficient, using less time than conventional systems.

The system can run alone or linked with each other to perform roll along or long surveys of up to 480 electrodes

To perform long surveys, all competing instrument systems need multiple sub-units which cannot be used independently for separate surveys. The modular configuration of the FlashRES resistivity meter allows a second instrument to be used as the sub-unit while remaining available for separate surveys during other times and on different sites.

2.5D resistivity inversion software

Our 2.5D inversion software produces superior resistivity inversion imaging compared to 2D inversion software.

Displays full waveform for current and voltage readings on screen in real- time.

Real-time display allows the user to monitor data quality and noise level (background, contact, and instrument). This will help the user to identify data collection problems in the field, instead of collecting poor quality data unknowingly

Lightweight design.

High portability both in transit and in the field.


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